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Progam Guidelines

Welcome to our Temporary Pet Foster Program's guidelines! These help us ensure the well-being of the pets and help create a safe environment for all.

  • Duration of Pet Care: the temporary foster period will be limited to 30 days or less. 

  • Pet Suitability: Pets eligible for foster care must be both physically and behaviorally suitable for this arrangement. Our priority is to ensure that the pet's unique needs can be met within a foster home environment.

  • Application and Prequalification: Both humans and pets need to apply and prequalify for the foster program before the need arises. Please see below for forms and applications!

  • Emergency Care Authorization: To ensure prompt medical attention if needed, humans must provide a letter of authorization for emergency care of their pets. Please see our applications page for more info.

  • Pet Emergency Care Costs: As a pet owner, you agree to cover all expenses related to emergency care for your pet. This includes any veterinary visits, medications, or treatments that may be required during the foster period.

  • Consent Form: Humans must complete a consent form for their furry friend. This ensures that everyone involved understands their responsibilities and helps maintain clear communication throughout the fostering process.


By participating in our Temporary Pet Foster Program, you help ensure the safety and comfort of your beloved pet during emergencies. We deeply appreciate your commitment to putting your pet's care first.

Ready to embark on this heartwarming adventure? Start your application today or reach to learn more about the Program. Together, we can provide peace of mind for pets and humans alike. 🐾❤️🐾

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